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BREAKING‼️ Fidelity has opened its #Bitcoin trading platform to millions of retail customers, COMMISSION FREE! - The Block 😳

Fidelity has 37 million retail accounts! 🚀

" ... WAX is the most active, with an average of 342,764 dUAW in February, representing a 3.26% increase from last month. WAX is the only #blockchaingaming protocol that saw an increase in its dUAW ..."


🇸🇻 El Salvador President: "We've seen benefits from adopting #Bitcoin"

"Tourism has increased 95% and we're getting a lot of private investments" 🙌

📢Great news for #blockchain gamers!

For a limited time only, Blockchain Brawlers is free-to-play! Grab exclusive in-game items for free and climb your way up the leaderboard.

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So you’re saying that turning a country from the most violent on Earth to the safest in the Americas, getting rid of the criminals who extorted businesses and threatened tourists, and changing social incentives to promote honesty, may help the economy? 🤯

📰"The WAX #blockchain continues to have the most active #gaming activity, with 331,000 unique active wallets. The top three #blockchaingaming ecosystems all saw an increase in gaming protocols ..."

via @Cointelegraph

Very soon #bitcoin is going to have a huge pump. The global role out of CBDCs will force people to move capital from the weak and tyrannical currencies to the hardest money. Regardless of price.

JUST IN: 🇸🇻 El Salvador bonds now have the 2nd best performance in the world.

Wonder why 😉 #Bitcoin

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📣 February is going to be a historic month for the #Brawlerverse!

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The Grand Land of the Prospectors is open #Metaverse

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